Vintage Overdrive

...a bluesy rock sound that surprises listeners.
— The Salt Lake Tribune

Vintage Overdrive


Salt Lake City: A bluesy hard rock sound that engages audiences, Vintage Overdrive is an original hard rock and blues band from Salt Lake City. The quartet feature vocals about real life, dynamic bass and rhythmic percussion, and a hard hitting guitar. The band is quickly becoming one of the most formidable rock and blues bands in the region.

Vocals / Gabe Hampton
Bass Guitar, Vocals / Mathieu Foley
Drums, Vocals / Jim Alvord
Lead Guitar / Mark Lees

- The Salt Lake Tribune
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Love > Fear

by Vintage Overdrive

Love > Fear, the debut album from Vintage Overdrive, is scheduled for release in 2017 at all major music outlets. Music you find here can be purchased at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more!

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